7 lessons from Netflix thriller Velvet Buzzsaw & how it helps understand pricing


Screenshot from YouTube official trailer of Velvet Buzzsaw by Netlix

Anti-review of the Comedy-drama Velvel Buzzsaw by Netflix
Released on: Jan 31 2019
Directed by: Dan Gilroy
Budget: 21 million USD
Produced by: Jennifer Fox
Starring: Jake GyllenhaalRene RussoZawe Ashton

Some movies are there to watch and forget. Some will leave a mark on your soul. Some will broaden your horizons. This new release by Netflix does make one think and leads one to a number of conclusions. Here is what we learnt by watching the Velvel Buzzsaw.

1. All art is dangerous.
Deprived of the context, this quote from the nerve tickling mystery thriller with notes of comedy and drama is nothing but a paradoxical statement. If anything, this movie is a great immersion into the world of evasive art, God-figure-like role of critics, 8-figure-budget galleries and curators riding on the trends they mould by all means accessible and not so much.

2. Apperception: the powerful filter of human perception to be aware of.
When entering a studio of an artist whose works have the record of fetching 6 digit results, one is much more likely to take a batch of neatly piled rubbish bags for art.

3. Professional deformation – we can all plead guilty.
Ever noticed an ugly use of comic sans in corporate environment as a graphic designer? Been taking mental notes to self on the screw opener inserted at a wrong angle into the cork as sommelier out for dinner? Being an art critique leaves one as professionally affected as to make comments on the colour of the casket, rather than grieve over the deceased soul.

4. Art has elevated expectations, widened horizons, deepened perceptions.
What might come across in real world as disgusting, criminal or unacceptable is very-well received within the walls of a gallery or a museum. 

5. Opportunism is a new hard work.
Given a chance – there is no taking your time. Career, personal life, friend acquisition process is all painfully down to a chance that cannot be forgone by.

6. Checkered shirt and leopard print skirt go together.
Provided they are occasionally thrown into one ensemble by a partner in the 8-digits budget gallery.

7. Pricing: the right time, the right vibe, the right amount.
Pricing of art works is so precisely addressed in this piece. It is ephemeral, transcending, lucid. Scarcity, we learn, is vital for pricing in the premium market.
The share of mystery and drama is very-well gauged: enough to keep your nerves ticklish all the time but not overpowering. A perfect movie for those infatuated with the world or filthy rich and cleanly shaven. A perfect movie for those into art or for those wandering what the fuck art is after all.
Grand finale that we cannot spoil here, but couldn’t pass by without complementing.
Definite thumbs up.

Not too relevant to Domain name, you say? 

Well, Domain experts are human too. And if anything, naming your Domain is Art indeed. Pricing a domain has a lot in commom with pricing of art – usual suspects play a role: scarcity, time and vibe.

Go head and share in comments what you learnt from this neat Netflix thriller: Velvet Buzzsaw.