KOSHER Keyword Domain names: top sales as registered by NameBio

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Best Kosher Domain names are a Hot Buy on the Market. Domains name with “KOSHER” as keyword have been sold quite in some quantities. Just like with many domain names, some of them turn to bona fide businesses & community resources, some of them only go unused, some of them are resold.
We have checked out some of the KOSHER domain names past sales and what happened to them. Below is the list from
 Domain Price Date Venue  200,000    USD    06/11/2013.   WebsiteProperties   7,850 USD.  28/07/2011.  NameJet     3,988 USD.  11/11/2009.  Afternic    3,188 USD.  06/01/2012.  NameJet    3,000 USD.  27/03/2007.  BuyDomains   2,788 USD.  18/11/2009.  Afternic   2,533 USD.  23/09/2009.  NameJet   2,500 USD.  08/11/2018.  BuyDomains   2,246 USD.  18/11/2008.  Afternic    2,000 USD.  08/07/2013.  Afternic    1,688 USD.  15/12/2013.  Afternic    1,500 USD.  05/12/2017.  BuyDomains    1,269 USD.  20/04/2015.  NameJet    1,200 USD.  10/04/2012.    1,000 USD.  09/07/2012.  Afternic    890 USD.  06/01/2011.  Sedo    775 USD.  13/02/2006.  SnapNames    679    USD24/11/2011.  NameJet    500 USD.  01/02/2011.  Sedo    500 USD.  27/02/2007.  Afternic    480 USD.  04/11/2009.  Moniker    456 USD.  23/12/2018.  GoDaddy    452 USD.  02/12/2018.  GoDaddy    395 USD   28/01/2017.  GoDaddy    331 USD.  20/08/2018    320 USD.  25/09/2013.  NameJet    310 USD.  02/12/2005.  SnapNames    305 USD.  30/12/2016.  GoDaddy    299 USD.  10/10/2015.  Uniregistry    275 USD.  11/08/2012.  GoDaddy    260 USD.  01/06/2008.  Sedo    211 USD.  01/08/2016.  NameJet    205 USD.  20/06/2016.  GoDaddy    194 USD.  14/01/2016.  DropCatch    170 USD.  14/08/2012.  GoDaddy    162 USD.  10/09/2014.  GoDaddy    158 USD.  19/12/2014.  GoDaddy   156 USD.  11/05/2011.  GoDaddy    116 USD.  04/06/2018.    110 USD.  09/06/2017.  Select.Auction    104 USD.  14/06/2013.  GoDaddy

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NameBIO top 10 KOSHER Domain name sales – what happened to them?

  1. www.KOSHER.COM

By far the most expensive registered sale with KOSHER keyword is the one word in King – the sale is registered as $200K+.
The domain name is actually up and running and is attracting quite some traffic with its highly relevant contents framed in a contemporary sleek design.

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www.KOSHERCANDY.COM is parked with Uniregistry.
www.KOSHERMARKET.COM is pointed to the https://www.grovekosher.comwebsite, that is also a fully functioning website, selling kosher food & more. is parked with Uniregistry. is being sold at $60K by a reputable domain authority founded by the one & only Mike Mann, the legend in the domain realm with millions of dollars’ worth of sold domain names: is a parking page, that redirects to is sold at $3,495 Telepathy, Inc. is up & running with media & community website is also sold by Domain Market for $69 888 is.. well offline, let’s put it this way. It has virtually no cyber activity behind it – server not found.
Even though only part of the domains actually end up as websites, the process is similar across many industries and niches. Only a fraction of the domains purchased will end up as actual businesses or media resources.
In this case out of top 10 NameBio domain sells with KOSHER keyword 3 are actually being used for business and 2 are sold at premium rates by the top authority in the industry – Not bad a result.

Interestingly, Hasbro a petit Collection of the premium Kosher Domain names in King, as seen on the print screen from the website below.