PRNews.IO – a new beast of scale on the global PR scene


If you have a business, you must have wandered how to let people know about it. PR vs Marketing? Online PR vs Offline PR? How to get your press-release published? What is the best online platform for publishing your Press release? How do you reach journalists? What are the terms for getting your PR article or press release published? 
If you have a business or a product to sell, you must have asked all of them.
Any business with a website have exhausted the list of the best online directories to list your business and often feel stuck how to further grow their website’s backlink weight, so important for the SEO. 
Or you are only starting your business and have no website at all yet. You do have social media pages and some nice photography of your product, but would like to be able to send a link with all of it together: your contact info, media content and some text – so journalists can check it out in one place – without the cost of setting up a website.
PRNews.IO will help.
Summing it up, PRnews.IO is great for:

  • setting up a page with all info about your product in lieu of a website;
  • distributing links to the news outlets chosen by specific criteria;
  • growing backlinks to your website

PRNews.IO is THE platform for PR. As intuitive as a first grader could do it.


The platform features few major sections: My account, marketplace, blog.
My account
In this section any user can create their business page, add images, links to social media, contacts, press releases, about info. Free of charge. And you get a link, that you could share with journalists or clients.
You can pick design and add a spokesperson – if you have some helping hand in this murky matter.
Have a couple of businesses or 2 products, you don’t wish to mix? No problem, just create another pressroom.
PRnews.IO Dashboard: this is a front page of the account and here a user gets a quick overview of all major functionalities. You can create a new pressroom, view existing pressrooms, submit a text, get an overview of published texts. This website section also features the Pressroom checklist with a graphic progress bar and a shortcut access to the FAQ.


Users:having few colleagues working on the project? No problem, assign all of them here and grant different access rights. Up to 10 colleagues on a free listing.
Company profile: this section is a cross of an “About” and “Contact” section on any website. So you get to add Company’s name, summary, description and all the social media links and addresses in this field.


In the press: this section features all the links to your published posts. Easy to find, easy to report to your management, easy to overview.
Spokespeople: add spokespeople, their images and contacts in this field. Those people need a bit more exposure, than your admin colleagues.


Media Content: this submenu allows to upload imagery and organizes it nicely in a catalogue of albums. You can choose which image will work as an album cover as well as tag it for SEO purposes, providing description to each image.


Design page: You even get to choose the design of your pressroom. Uploading a logo, picking a font is also a couple of clicks matter.


And yes, you can even insert a Google analytics code into the page to track your SEO statistics!
This is out PRNews.IO link as an example. We do own a website, so we don’t need to send out this link, but for the sake of the example, there is some info filled out. No press releases yet in the presence of a website and domain business niche particulars.
The platform boasts having signed up with online media resources in 145 countries, having 50 categories to choose from and prices starting from 15 USD per article!
Categories of media available on
Looking for the right web portal for your news article, interview or a press release is easy due to the multiple categories to narrow the search. Users can choose by:

  • Region /Central Asia, Eastern Europe etc/
  • Country
  • Language
  • Category /adult, advertising, agriculture, animals, architecture, arts, automotive, aviation – are just those starting with A, you get the idea../
  • Type /blog, local news, social media etc/
  • Format type /advertorial, article, interview, news/
  • Advertisement mark
  • Home page /on home page, without home page/
  • Hyperlinks type: dofollow hyperlinks, nofollow hyperlinks
  • News aggregators: Google, Bing etc
  • With video
  • Delivery time: up to 24 hours, up to 3 days.

Naturally, the more filters you apply the smaller and more precise is your choice. In case you want to scroll through more titles, only tick few categories and hit the column layout. This one allows you to choose 4 columns of statistics to be listed alongside the titles of the media – for perfect quick analysis and ideal pick. Yes, of course they are customizable. You pick your 4 columns depending on what matters most to you out of a dozen metrics.


How to choose the best media resource to publish your press release?
Overall, there are 3 layout options, best way is to play around with them and seeing which one works best for you.
But hold those eyebrows of yours and lift up the dropping jaws. Wait, till you see the detail and statistics you get access to for each of the resources in the marketplace!
Each of the 12K+ signed up media resources has an info card, that will provide exhaustive data for your informed decision.
So you will have access to a wide array of parameters, like conditions below. If you are just a beginning PR person and are not too familiar with all the terminology, hit the small Info icon for clarification. This way you will easily understand all the pros and cons of a specific placement. DoFollow vs NoFollow link, Home Page vs other, Image volume specs, Text volume limits, permanent link, “Sponsored” mark etc – it is all there for you to buy knowingly.

Once you have decided the backlinks are up to your criteria and within your budgets, go check the bona fide SEO traffic. Is it a good investment? How visited is the website? How does it rank on What does SemRush think about this website? What is the Google index for this media portal? All the stats are purchased for your informed decision making and are up to date.

More info follows in the form of the graphs with Similar Web info, like:

  • monthly visits, 
  • time on site, 
  • page views
  • bounce rate
  • languages
  • leading countries
  • source of traffic

But of course you need to recognize the importance of demographics in the decision making process when you are considering your backlinks. So just to make the image full and the list exhaustive, even more graphs are supplied from Alexa with age, gender, income, education breakdown. You want to fine tune your backlinks according to your target audience, right?

If you do find the resource useful and are eager to share it with your friends, the has great news for your too – that delicious cherry on the cake. They thought of enabling an affiliate program, that allows you to accumulate 5% off the revenues, coming from your link towards the any product on their platform. So if somebody follows you link and spends money to place a release, you will get 5% credited towards your own wallet.
This is what it looks like & do feel free to use TOPgTLD affiliate link if you wish to. To find your own PRnews.IO affiliate link, hit the gear wheel icon, when in your account /between “menu” and the cart icon/, choose Affiliate program and then opt for Resources in the left vertical menu. 


We have enjoyed this resource enormously and it is undoubtful, that engaging content is still at the heart of PR. But if you need just some little help with distributing PR releases and creating some strong backlinks to your website, you might as well want to check out PRnews.IO.
Do feel free to ask any questions in the comments or recommend your preferred PR resources and tools with us! Keep your eyes on us, as we keep our eyes on whats fun & useful!